New Year, New Mantras

I’m not one that is big on New Year’s resolutions (e.g. it’s the middle of February).  However, I think it is important to work on something each year.  I read a story about someone that created a bunch of mantras for the upcoming year.  I like this idea and am curious how to incorporate such a concept into my  life.

This past year has been a challenge on many different levels.  I sustained the worst injury of my life.  It was another year away from what I considered home for 35 years.  I’ve changed a lot and yet I’m still largely stuck in the same patterns and the same ruts as before.

So while the idea of mantras sounds amazingly appealing, I have in the past had a very difficult time incorporating new habits (and breaking old habits).    So why is this time different?  What makes me think this is a workable idea?  I don’t know!

Here goes anyway!

February’s Mantra:  Love and Be Compassionate With Myself! 

Like many, I struggle with depression. I struggle with self doubt.  I struggle with self love. I struggle and I beat myself up over my struggles.  Unfortunately, this self perpetuates and compounds my feelings.  But, it doesn’t need to be this way.

I like myself, but I have a hard time loving myself (not like that…..jeez). So February, a month of love, shall be a chance to fall in love with myself.


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