Musings: Why I suck at Finances!

I really, really suck at managing my money.  It’s a circular problem.

  • I never know how much money I have, so
  • I spend money I don’t have,
  • then I delay paying bills,
  • then I have to panic pay bills,
  • then payday comes and I stop paying attention to how much money I have.
  • Repeat.

It frustrates the hell out of me.  I’m a smart guy. I’m well educated. I make a fair amount of money (more than enough to live comfortably upon).  Yet, I’m still paycheck to paycheck.  I have no plan, no savings and it’s constant damage control.  I’m over it, but need to change something in order to get any results.

So what are the keys to changing:

  1. Information seems to be a big key.  Knowing how much money I spend on things, how much money there is, and where I can cut back all seem important.

How do I find these things out?  Obviously, I need to look at the account each day. I need to use Mint to see how my budgets are working.  Then I need to monitor and adjust those budgets.

2.  I need to find ways to cut back!  I need to stop spending money on shit I don’t need or want.  Do I need beer on a Tuesday?  Do I want to eat lunch out each day?  What are my values and am I spending money on the things I value?

These are two steps towards financial stability!


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