I am Happy….

Noted philosopher Kid Cudi has a line in one of his songs that has always stuck with me.

The line says “I am happy, that’s just the saddest lie.”


This line sticks with me because I’ve been telling myself this lie for quite some time.  I put on a brave face, I show people the good and smile and laugh.  Deep down, however, I’m unhappy.  I used to be carefree and happy. I used to laugh more and enjoy my days.  Right now that isn’t the case and I need to make changes to certain aspects in my life.  Work, relationships, but mostly self.

If we accept the proposition that life is a mirror reflecting our inner thoughts, we must change internally to  obtain external changes.  Stated another way, if I’m unhappy with external circumstances or events, I need to look inward first.  I have tried to do this over and over. I’m working and working and working.  I’m learning to love myself, but there is a lot of inertia to overcome.

I love lists and will create my own, but right now I’m working off of a list that has 18 goals for the next year (can’t find the source).  I’ll post it tomorrow and I hope to work on one of the goals each week.   Baby steps to being a complete person!



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