At Your Service….


Today, I had an uncomfortable thought.  I was scrolling through facebook and instagram.  I do this quite often.  I look at people and lives and experiences.  There is a lot of really cool stuff out there!  Social media can be super inspirational!  It can help to establish a goal or teach me a new way of life.  It is often amazing how a certain thing will change your frame of mind and rattle your status quo. However…

I also look at  people and lives and experiences and get jealous or feel bad about myself.  I look at women I think I could have a better life with. I look at places I’d be happier living in.  I look at experiences and lament the fact I don’t have them.  When it isn’t helping it really can hurt.

So, I was scrolling along and gawking/stalking and it occurred to me that this wasn’t really serving me well.  Social media is not helping me reach the goals I have (which are really ambiguous, but that is another topic entirely).  My relationship with social media does not serve my best interests.  So why do I do it?

FOMO, boredom, distraction, procrastination, staying in touch (does this count if you don’t interact?), seeing other lives.  Shit, I don’t really know why I social media.   I really don’t know what is the purpose!

Facebook is basically a birthday reminder and a crappy news curator.  Instagram is a good way to share my photos (I like that), but it also gets me waiting for likes (yup, like a school girl).  It’s dumb.  I don’t like that.  I need to breakup with social media (or at least go to couples counseling).

Obviously, I’m the first person ever to have this epiphany (I’m unique that way).  So time to take a break and focus on the things that actually serve me! I may come back! I may not! But we need some time apart and I need some space.




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