I woke up earlier this week and just decided that it was enough.  I was tired.  Tired of being broke despite my really good job.  Tired of being unhappy, when I really have a lot going for me.  Tired of watching TV while living in an outdoor paradise.  Tired…. just tired… so tired.

My name is Jon.  I’m 38, I’m healthy, I live in paradise and I’m unhappy.

I do so many things that are not helping my meet my goals (still need to pin those down). I do a great many things that actively undermine my efforts.  It’s really a kick in the nuts and that is something I really don’t enjoy.

So what the fuck do I do about this situation I have put myself in (this is an important point because I chose through action or inaction every step that got me where I am today).  Obviously, doing the same shit isn’t likely to be the correct path.  Same shit in…. same shit out.  That is what I’m trying to avoid.

So changes.

  1. I’ve run at lunch the past three days and I’m really tired.  I’m going to keep doing that, exercise helps combat depression.  That is a fact. So exercise should continue.
  2. I paid a bunch of bills today that have been nagging at me.  It’s nice to get out from under them.  It’s nice to be more or less “caught up.”
  3. I need to take care of my health.  I currently have a super old contact lens irritating my right eye.  That needs to be fixed.  I currently have a temporary tooth from my accident last year. That needs to be fixed.  Health!

Time to do some adult stuff.  Time to grow up.



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